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Our goal is to provide a ready access to publicly available multi-omics data collected or re-analyzed in COVID-19 studies. The intent of this page is not to provide an exhaustive list of manuscripts that are COVID-19 and multi-omics related (see criteria below). However, if you think your manuscript should be listed here, please contact us at NCATS-Covid-Omics@mail.nih.gov.
Manuscripts included on this page have been selected for meeting the following inclusion criteria:
  • High throughput Omics data (metabolomics, proteomics, genomics, epigenomics, etc.) was generated or analyzed in the publication. This includes:
    • Human samples
    • Cell models or other models
    • COVID-19 strains
    • Treatments/clinical mixtures used to treat COVID-19 patients
    • Re-analysis of publicly accessible data
  • The data are publicly accessible
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