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GS-441524 Studies
updated 06.25.2021
Project Goal
NCATS is evaluating GS-441524 as a potential treatment for SARS-CoV-2 infection.
Sample Information
Sample Name :
PubChem CID :
Molecular Weight :
GS-441524: PK Property Summary
* IV dose: 5 mg/kg from mouse/rat; 2 mg/kg from dog/cyno
** PO dose: 10 mg/kg from mouse/rat; 5 mg/kg from dog/cyno
GS-441524 PK Property Overview
  • Low to moderate clearance (CLp)
  • Moderate volume of distribution (Vdss)
  • Large variation in oral bioavailability (F), from 8.3% in cyno to 85% in dog
  • GS-441524 for these studies was purchased from AK Scientific and characterized by NCATS
PK Study: C57 Mouse
Calculated PK Properties
C57 Mouse PK
PK Study: SD Rat
Calculated PK Properties
Rat PK
PK Study: Dog
Calculated PK Properties
Dog PK
PK Study: Cynomolgus Macaque
Calculated PK Properties
Cynomolgus Macaque PK*
*Concentration at 48 hr was <LLOQ of 1 ng/mL
GS-441524: 7-Day Dose Range Finding Toxicology
Non-GLP Dose Range Finding Toxicology (DRF) studies in three species are complete. These studies inform species selection and doses for GLP toxicology studies.
* day 7 PK parameters
** Maximum feasible dose
GS-441524 Study Overview
  • PO, BID dosing
  • Formulation: 5% ethanol, 30% PG, 45% PEG-400, 20% water, 1 equiv. HCl (rat); powder in capsule (dog); 0.5% CMC in water (cyno)
  • GS-441524 purchased from Alichem and characterized by NCATS
  • Preliminary data, final study reports pending
  • GS-441524 well tolerated at the maximum feasible dose, supporting progression to GLP toxicology studies
GS-441524: GLP Toxicology
Rat and dog selected as GLP toxicology species.
GS-441524: Clinical Studies
GMP manufacturing activities are underway.
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